Mátyás Misetics is a devotee of preconceived photography, while night scenes and artificial lights have become a kind of ’trademark’ of his art. This is the genre he has been active in since the beginning of his career in visual arts, when he studied photography at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (2002-2007) and visual communication at the Berlin University of Arts in 2005. 
Misetics is currently developing a project for his doctoral thesis in which he explores the relationship between space and human figures in staged photography. With the essential feature of artificial lights that break – or enhance – the darkness, most of the photographer’s work portrays unsettling and mysterious nocturnal moments of empty, outdoor urban spaces in which lonely human or animal protagonists eventually turn up. He produces images that the viewer first perceives as representing reality but soon identifies as a distorted space or a surrealistic place. The human protagonists are usually composed into the scene with static positioning and schematic depiction, therefore becoming simple symbols or pawns in the space and darkness that swallows them up.
Misetics’s attention has also recently turned to the possibilities of further pushing the limits of photography, principally by diverging from its traditional mimetic role and consciously opening his practice towards the field of fine arts.

Untitled Lights No.4, from the series Untitled Lights, 2005

Artificial Light No.3, from the series Artifical Light, 2007

Neon No. 2, from the series Neon, 2013

Utopia No.1, 2014