Invisible you is a collection of photographs by Enikő Hodosy, who was interested in portraying and visualizing physical and mental injuries. The series emphasizes the female aspect of these injuries, showing how often we get hurt by friction during our relationships. Hodosy documented scars and bruises on the body that represent an allegory of wounds in the soul. These raw images of the human body were supplemented by pictures of ancient sculptures and torsos along with photos from Hodosy’s diary capturing personal moments and mysterious natural landscapes. This ethereal set of photographs invites us to create free associations and interpret the common nature of physical and mental pain. Different textures of the skin, colorful surfaces of wounds or broken glass imitate the process of self-healing. The project analyzes the inner self, the connections of body and mind, and brings hidden traumas of the soul to the surface. In her work, Enikő Hodosy discovers connections between body, soul and spirit. She focuses on social and psychological issues, and their brutality and beauty, which she represents through an intimate atmosphere. Her photos were exhibited at the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest, in the Hungarian House of Photography, at the Vienna Photobook Festival and at the Berlin Photobook Festival.

Ass with Bruise, from the series Invisible – you, 2016

Back With Scars, from the series Invisible – you, 2016

Back With Scratches, from the series Invisible – you, 2016

Heart Shaped Bruise, from the series Invisible – you, 2016