In his series, Parallax, the Budapest based photographer Balázs Máté examines the operation of our perception and interpretation. His visual exploration revolves around human consciousness and the questions of meaning-making. The uncommon compositions of the images invite us to review the way we look at the environment around us. The black and white photographs give the opportunity to discover a broader spectrum of possible perspectives, to subvert the original system of references we use while interpreting light, forms, and figures in the picture. Máté uses the contrast of light and shadow in a playful manner: his images are soft and abstract interpretations of the objects and scenes around him. Perception is something we consider as a constant relation to everyday life, we believe that what we see is real. Instead of imposing an ultimate meaning, Máté invites us to experiment with our vision and to deliberate our senses. Balázs Máté, who graduated from MOME in 2013, is specialized in portrait and fashion photography. Alongside his commission work, he runs his personal projects as a continual inquiry and experimentation about visual perception and experience. His work has been shown in various galleries and festivals including The Saatchi Gallery, Ludwig Museum Budapest, Dubai Design Days, Vienna Photobook Fair, and Backlight Photo Festival in Finland.

Parallax No.4, from the series Parallax, 2014

Parallax No.5, from the series Parallax, 2014

Parallax No.6, from the series Parallax, 2014

Parallax No.7, from the series Parallax, 2014