According to the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, man is born perfect but through interaction with society, he becomes corrupted. The opposite of this view, also present in Christian philosophy, is that men were born with the tendency to commit sins, but society and culture presents the opportunity to surpass this state, to conquer one’s instinctual and guilty nature and rise above it to reach higher levels of existence. In his series Emerging Identities, András Ladocsi is dealing with changes in life and how these shifts are constantly forming the individual’s identity. Through suggestive portraits of children, he discovers the state of finding a place in the world as a human being. The carefully chosen characters are surrounded by soft colors and playful shades highlighting their personalities, which are about to evolve. Despite their young age, their glances tell us that they have already experienced a lot: they are still innocent but not afraid of the challenges of life. Ladocsi shows this courage without judgment and in a delicate way. His camera focuses on the changing and fragile nature of identity that is influenced by a whole range of factors such as childhood, family, friends, society, and personal experiences. In the past few years, András Ladocsi’s work has been exhibited in Paris, Hamburg, Vienna, and in Venice as well.

Untitled, from the series Emerging Identities, 2015

Untitled, from the series Emerging Identities, 2015

Frog, from the series Marton Tang, 2016

The way she spit those words made the water go stale in Tang Marton’s horse’s mouth., from the series Marton Tang, 2016