Alíz Veronika


The focus of Alíz Veronika Ács’ photographic practice is the exploration of personal, transcendent, spiritual experiences, and perceptive and accidental irregularities that can occur in our daily lives. Experimenting with materials and techniques that are not typically used in photography is an important part of her projects. Her photographs mediate between emotions and subtle gestures, intertwined with topics such as witchcraft, femininity, and memories shared by generations. Her lyrical series The House of Death is based on her subjective experiences around mourning. The abandoned building used to be the home of multiple generations, today it is a silent memento of the past. Almost everything remained untouched inside: empty bottles, silk flowers, furniture and even the curtains stayed in the same place. As years went by, these small fragments of the story of her family became spiritual. Alíz Veronika Ács examined the significance of recollection and the role of personal objects in this process. The passing of time can be measured only by the decay of the physical condition of the objects. Functionality is overpowered by the symbolic content: it is impossible to see any reflections in the mirror entirely covered by dust.

No. 1, from the series Death of the House, 2011

No. 2, from the series Death of the House, 2011

No. 3, from the series Death of the House, 2011

No. 4, from the series Death of the House, 2011